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Crown Cave


Crown cave is 12 km long, only 3 km near Li River has developed and opened to the tourists in 1995, equipped with automatic lights and sound control guide system.

the Cave is located in Caoping town, about 29 km south to Guilin, it is famed as the Pearl on Li River, has national AAAA grade of scenic spots. It is a one of most famous sights along Li River.  As it looks like an ancient emperor's golden crown, hence the name Crown Cave.

It is unique in ways of sight-seeing. First you can reach the mountainside by light rail and descend into the cave by elevator. You will see various stalactites, stalagmites and stone pillars. You can take the light rail to Palm Hall, the tallest palm-like stone pillar among the four in the hall is taller than 50 meters, reaching the ceiling of the cave. The 'palm tree' is so thick that it takes several people to put their arms around it. Then you can take a small boat to experience the distinctive views of the underground river.

Crown cave is formed by underground water erosion with various shapes of stalactites, stalagmites, curtains, stone pillars, stone flowers. It is the most unique, entertaining and interesting cave in Guilin, as you can explore the cave by boat, roller coaster and elevator. An underground stream originating from Mt. Haiyang empties into the Li River from this cave.

Besides Crown Cave, the peach and plum garden, folk craftwork shops, cottages and farmhouse and minority show in the scenic area are all worth visiting. Near the Crow Cave, there is a Foggy Resort for the tourists who like peaceful countryside life and beautiful natural scenery. 

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