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Our Team

Guilin Private Tours:  

We have a common dream of wanting to give the tourists a local experience in the Guilin Yangshuo area.

 Tour guide team includes the following guides:


                Jade Leo                                                                                             Jade Leo 

I am from Pinle,which is 40 kilometers away from Yangshuo town, a beautiful place where you cantake some photos of my hometown.

 When I was young,my dream was to work in the tourism field. I love travelling and enjoy seeing the wonderful sights and learning about diverse cultures. Much knowledge can be learned from books but experience can only be learned from people and travel.

 To be a tour guide,we try to let tourists know the Guilin area and even China and make tourists know Guilin and love China.

 Join the tour with us, we treat you not only like tourists but also as one of our friends.

We have organized tours for over 7 years. We have had tourists from over 70 countries, and our tourists enjoy the tour with us.  


                      Linda Yang                                                                                     Linda Yang           

Hi, my English name is Linda, I am an honest, hearty and cheerful girl who majored as a tour guide at Guilin Institute of Tourism.

 When I was child, I always want to tour around the world, I wonder about their culture, customs, life style as well as the natural scenery.

I am from Guilin city and welcome the guests from any part of the world to visit Guilin, China,I love travel and enjoy my job and would like to share my knowledge and experience with tourists,

Life is like travel. Take the tour with us, we are sure you will have a wonderful life experience.   


                                 Eric Yang                                                                                Eric Yang

Hello everybody, I'm Eric Yang, an optimistic and hospitable guy. A tour guide who has five years guide experience, speaks Mandarin, English and Cantonese.

I am living in Guilin, I love travel, and love to experience the nature’s beauty much more. In sports, I love to play table tennis, tennis, and other outdoor activities.
I have been to manyplaces in China, such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Yunnan and Guizhou Provinces, etc. All are colorfulminority regions. I've seen the original ethnicnationality people pure living styles and thepile-dwelling housing.
I am waiting for the guests from all over the world and take you to the places where you like. 


                      Jiandi Liao  ( Cindy)                                                                  Jiandi Liao ( Cindy) 

Hello, myname is Jiandi, I graduated from Guangxi Teacher’s University majoring in EnglishEducation, 

I am cute,smiling and talkative girl and like people from different countries and wouldlike to share my knowledge with you as well as learn more about your country. Ilove hiking, reading novels, playing basketball and listening to music.

Originally I have a chance to work as a teacher in the school, but my job aim is to work in the tourism field, that is the reason I am a tour guide now. 

You are welcome to Guilin China.

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