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Guilin Souvenirs

Guilin Specialties:


The famous Three Treasures of Guilin include Salted Bean Curd, Three Flowers Wine and Chili Sauce.

The local fruits are water chestnut, chestnut, orange, pomelo, persimmon, kumquat, and so on.

Other local products and handicrafts include medicinal materials, artistic pottery and porcelain. Embroidery Ball, Painting Fan, Pearls and so on.


The best souvenirs of Guilin are Traditional landscape paintings and Pearls. 


Traditional landscape painting  the painting mainly concentrate the ideal of the natural beauty and you will see the beautiful landscape painted with inks on the rice paper.

Pearls:   Pearl research, cultivation, processing are demonstrated via explanation, demonstration and pictures at both of these centers. The exhibition halls display a great variety of pearl products including pearl necklace, pearl bracelet and all kinds of pearl jewelry and artworks. It is very good souvenir to make you more beautiful.

Local Green Tea and Osmanthus Tea.


Guilin Rice Noodles
The famous local snack in Guilin is Guilin Rice Noodles (Mi Fen). The shape can be either round or flat. Guilin Rice Noodles are the most popular snack for breakfast for local residents. The rice noodles with glutinous gravy, fried peanuts or soybeans, scallions and thin slides of different kinds of meat such as beef, horse meat, pork. You can also add some spice and chili into the rice noodles.


Guilin Food
The food in Guilin is noted for its snake soup, wild cat, bamboo rat, dog, turtle meat and cat.

The famous and popular dishes: Steam Fish, Beer Fish, Snail with special flavor, Li River Fish, Fried Shrimp, Braised Pork and red cooked meat slices with Lipu taro, Beer Chicken, Beer Duck, Duck soup with ginko etc. 


Guilin Art Museum is considered the most complete museum in Guilin and one of the biggest museums in southwest China . Its large collections with backgrounds have enabled it to build a very good reputation, while at the same time contribute to local cultural education and cultural exchange. The museum has collected many famous paintings from the dead masters to the present day artists. It also periodically holds fine art exhibitions.
The Artists Gallery on the second floor sells paintings from the artists whose work has been collected by the museum (pieces in other areas are also for sale upon communicating with the artists.) Many of the paintings from these up-and-coming artists are very distinctive in style and will continue to hold value from a collector's standpoint.
Suppurated by artists in China and abroad, Guilin Art Museum enjoys a highly respected position in the field of fine art. It is an ideal place for friends form all over the world to appreciate the art.