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Huangyao old Town


Huangyao Town, with a history of thousand years, is situated in the northern of Zhaoping County, Guangxi, by the lower reaches of Li River and some 200 km from Guilin.

It has long known as a mini-Guilin for its typical development of karst topography. Covering and area of 3.6 square km, the town is skirted on all side by spectacular hills, crystal clear waters, caves and towering old trees. All paved by flag-stone, the town's architectures are of southland style displaying the primitive simplicity with blue bricks and black tiles. More than 30 temples, ancestral halls and pavilions are well preserved, as well as numerous exquisite cultural relics including the calligraphy of Hanyu, the great scholar and calligrapher of Song Dynasty, He Xiangning and Gao Shuqi's residential house and many other inscribed board, couplets and steles, that enrich the history of the town.

In recent years, the enchanting scenery of the ancient town has gained itself large numbers of visitors from home and abroad, especially after its being the exterior of the Hongkong serial "Tea is Best in Hometown" in 1999.  And it along with Yangshuo town famed as one of most valuable 50 places for foreign tourists in China.

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