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Yao Mountain


Yaoshan Mountain lies in the east of Guilin , 12 km from the downtown. The highest peak is 903.3 meters high.Yao Mountain got its name from a Yao emperor temple, which was built, in the Tang dynasty in the top of the mountain.

To the summit by cable car to get a gorgeous view of the countryside and downtown.

The Hill has several places of interest including Yao Temple , White Deer Temple , Jade Breast Pond and Tianci Field.  The Jingjiang Mausoleum covering over 100 square meters are the most famous attractions in the area and is located at the foot of Yao Mountain. It is a mausoleum for a royal family - the Jingjiang Family in Ming Dynasty whose eleven generations were buried. Moreover, there are more than 300 tombs covering 100 square kilometers, making up the biggest ancient tomb group in south China. The well-preserved tombs have become important relics of culture and history in Guilin.

It boasts because of the natural beauty and the highest mountain in Guilin. There are different views in different season. Spring the mountain is full of colorful azaleas, summers has pine and bamboo to view. The mountain is covers with the red maple leaves and chrysanthemum flowers in autumn, and snow flakes covers all over the mountain in winter.

Completed in 1996, a 1,416.18 meter long cable car connects the top and the foot and offers bird's-eye views of wonderful peaks and surrounds. The 1,000m sloping track has 18 curves, which enables tourists to travel through mysterious forest. The cable car is equipped with an alarm system, a TV monitor protection system. The cable is 1416.18m long from the bottom to the top.  You will have a panoramic view on the whole city.

The toboggan slide, which is stimulating and interesting, was imported from WIGAND Toboggan Co. Germany.  It is 100m long with 18 turns sliding down from the top. You will have a beautiful view of rocks, flowers and brooks on each side when you down the mountain with the slide.    

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