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Xijiang Miao Village


Xijiang is reputed as the biggest Miao Minority village in China, is called one thousand household Miao village.  It is about 80 kilometers away from Kaili city, Guizhou Province, with convenient road and more and more tourists come to visit this village.

The river flows along the villages and divide the village two parts.

Most beautiful maple wooden stilt houses were built along the slope of the mountain from the foot to the middle of the mountain, you will be impressed by the large scale of wooden houses when your first time to here.  You can see beautiful maple in fall and golden rice terraces nearby this village.

There is a famous silversmith village making silver ornaments by hand, the silver hat of women is for festivals or marriage.

In the afternoon, you can see the people come back from the rice paddies or hills, wooden house is very pretty under the sunshine, and the smoke from the kitchen chimneys, what a beautiful view.

The wooden house, the first floor is usually for the livestock and dead stock, the second floor is for the people to live, the third floor is for the food storage.

The Miao people is very hospitable and you should drink a cup of rice wine when enter the village.  

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