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Zhaoxing Dong Village


Zhaoxing is situated at the southeastern part of Guizhou Province and 280 kilometers from Guilin city.   The meaning of Zhaoxing village is the start for the good fortune.  This village is hidden in a long and narrow valley. There are 860 household with 3600 people living in this village and it is reputed as the ' the biggest Dong village in China' .

For the tourists visiting this lively and traditional Dong minority village, they will be impressed by the beautiful view: Misty hills, aged trees, the layers of bamboo forests, hundreds of wooden houses, five drum towers, wind and rain bridges, ethnic opera theaters, etc.

It is homeland for any travelers on the earth, the people are simple on their life style and they are satisfied with their surroundings and very friendly to visitors.

Stay here for one or two nights and just drink a cup of beer to enjoy the tranquil and daily life of the local people. The local people enjoy the laid back life here, when you stay here, walk around the local market, the street, they always give you a smile.

It is very nice view for the one who like photography the ethnic group's daily life. There are no peddlers so far in Zhaoxing village.

Dong People, great love for singing, there is a saying goes: Food is for the body, but singing is for the soul. Singing songs is a part of their life, they can not live without singing even one day, they sing at every events, such as courting and marriage, greeting and farewell, festivals etc.

There are several small guest houses here, Zhaoxing Hotel is the best place to stay for the tourists.

In 2005, it is reputed as 'one of the most beautiful town and village in China' , evaluated by the National Geographic Magazine. 

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