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Dragon Cave


Dragon Assembling Cave is a mixture of natural scenery and human culture, it's well designed with the singing stage.

Assembling Dragon Park is located in about 6 kilometers south of Yangshuo County, between the famous scenic spot "Big Banyan Tree" and "Moon Hill", It consists of a "Black Cave" and a "Water Cave". Which is full of different magic Stalactites and stalagmites shaped like dragons flying on cloud or playing with water, for which the park is named. It's about one thousand meters long, one hour's trip. The scenery in the cave is a masterwork of God and named for their shapes alone or from the mythology such as : "Daughter of the Dragon Greeting Their Guests",  "Crystal Palace" etc. You may enjoy these thirty or more spots with the exquisite melody under the beautiful lights, by foot or by boat, just like a fairyland.


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