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3 Days 2 Nights Yangshuo Country Tour

The most classic Yangshuo tour and you will enjoy most beautiful places while you are in Yangshuo.

Day 1:  Xingping old town,  Fuli old town and Liugong village.   stay in Yangshuo.

It is the oldest town with 1300 years history in the north of Yangshuo as well as the center of Yangshuo until the setup of Yangshuo in 590 A D.  The old streets are paved in rocks, and the houses are made of stones with gray tiles.

Fuli old town has a history over 800 years where you can see stone houses and cobbled lanes,traditional new year’s decorations which remain in front of their houses for entire year.  Here you can also find nice small manufactures making fan paintings. 

Take private motorized boat from Fuli to Liugong village for about 2 hours. 

If you want a taste of real China then Luigong village is well worth the visit. The stone paths, ornate roof tops and the odd pigpen satisfied your photographic spirit. Experience the serenity of this quaint Ming Dynasty village with its 400 year old traditions and history. Step away from the hustle and bustle to immerse yourself in a village. This village is not visited by many visitors and it is special for its old houses, town gate and the 3 colored ponds.  


Day 2:  Seven Peak Tea Plantation, Xianggongshan Hill, Stone Village      by car

Tea Plantation    You can see the beautiful view of tea plantation as well as sample green tea, Osmanthus tea, black tea, Wulong tea or jasmine tea here. 

Xianggongshan Hill,  walk up to the top of the hill to see the breathtaking panoramic view of li river with peaks.


 Day 3:   Yangshuo Countryside tour   Bamboo Boat Rafting in Yulong River,  Moon Hill     

Bamboo Boat Rafting, sitting in a chair on a raft and float down slowly clean and clear water of Yulong River.  It is really peaceful, idyllic and relaxed ride, this place usually leaves you the biggest impression for your trip to Yangshuo, you will have different feeling from you are on the big boat cruise in Li River. 

The Moon Hill, climb up to the top of the hill via the stone stairways to see the panoramic view of Yangshuo.

  Quotation per person in US Dollars.

           1 person         2-5 persons          6-9 persons         over 9 persons
               390              270              230              180

Package Includes:

A.   Admissions of the sights mentioned. 
B.   Personal Guide Services.
C.   Private transport between airports or train stations, hotel and all the scenic spots
      mentioned in the itinerary by air-conditioned car, van or mini-bus.

Package Excludes:

A.   Air tickets.
B.   Personal expenses and optional items.
C.   Hotel with meals. 
D.   Gratuities to the service staffs.
E.   Others not mentioned above.