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Xingping Town


The town of Xingping, located on the east bank of the Li River, 63 kilometers to  Guilin and 27 kilometers to Yangshuo. it is the oldest town with 1300 years history in the north of Yangshuo as well as the center of Yangshuo until the setup of Yangshuo in 590 A D. Xingping along with Dayu Town as one of 4 ancient town in Guangxi.

The tour boats pass by this river town from Guilin down to Yangshuo, the best landscape of Li River is near Xingping Town, it has been reproduced in many Chinese landscape paintings, even the newly issued 20 RMB Bill has the landscape on its back.  The most beautiful scene of Li River is Reflection of Yellow Cloth.

Climb up to the top of Laozhao Hill, you will see the River twists its way looks like jade ribbon down to Yangshuo, it is worth visiting the top of hill for who like adventures. The reflection of the trees, bamboos and peaks present a watercolor painting.

The old streets are paved in rocks, and the houses are made of stones with gray tiles.
Fish Village, it is an age-old complex survived from over 500 years ago. Although some courtyard buildings have weathered through ages, the simple but elegant flying-eaves, roofs with colorful paintings, lattice windows and unique timber structures present the folk residence from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The villagers have the same surname of Zhao, so it is rumored that they are descendents of the imperial family in the Song Dynasty. Both Dr. Sun Yet-sun, the pioneer of China's democratic revolution and US president Colinton paid a visit to the village on their visits to Li River.

The local market for local every 3 day, on the market day, young and old people, men and women gather here from rural areas several miles around, with bamboo pole and baskets to sell their farming produces, buy oils, salts, daily necessities back their home. It is very crowded with people talking, hawking and haggling.

The peaks here rise like so many needles, while the rivers are like ribbons. The Tablet Hill, Five-Finger Hill seems to be floating on the water. Xingping River meanders from east to west into the Li River.Downstream from Xingping are the Snail Hill, Carp Hill, Shuiluo Village and green mountains dotted with cottages, fields, trees and bamboo groves.

You can climb up to the Laozhaishan to see the panoramic view of this town.

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